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Why Acknowledging Yourself Matters

Most of us are familiar with gratitudes and have picked up a gratitude practice at one point or another. We remind ourselves to be grateful for things, people, situations etc. in order to appreciate all the things we have and to get in the habit on focusing on the positive rather than the negative. And […]

How To Be Resilient Even When Times Get Tough

We all go through difficult times in our lives at some point or another. But while some of us face tougher adversity than others, how we are able to withstand those times also varies widely. The capacity to overcome traumatic events- resilience – is what makes a huge difference when dealing with hardships. So what […]

How to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence for More Happiness and Success

With so much focus on intellectual ability (IQ) in our society, emotional intelligence (EQ) does not get talked about as much. Yet studies have found that emotional intelligence is linked to personal achievement, happiness and professional success, even more so than IQ. And, unlike IQ, it is a flexible skill, which means that no matter […]

Always Do Your Best OR Always Do What You Can While Taking Care of Yourself and Enjoying Your Life

In “The Four Agreements”, Miguel Ruiz calls his fourth agreement: Always Do Your Best. I have always had a hard time with that agreement, because to me, always doing your best implies that you have to always give it your all, do as much as you possibly can, and work like crazy. And that sounds […]


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