Ch-ch-ch-Changes Part II: Being in the moment

How much of your life are you living in the moment? I mean, really, really being in the present moment, enjoying it and taking it in whether good or bad, not wishing something was over or anticipating the next thing? 

 To truly love yourself you have to be in the moment, because it’s not about loving the person you used to be or the person you are hoping to be in the future. It is about loving yourself RIGHT NOW, in this moment, just the way you are.

But far too often, especially when we are going through a change or transition, we think of it as something to “get through” or “get over with” in order to arrive at whatever the next milestone is. I know I was really looking forward to finish moving. I just talked to a friend who can’t wait to be in a relationship again. And I know some people who are very eager to find their next career.

The same thing can also happen when we are engaged in something we really want to do. When we are performing in a show, we might anticipate the actual performance so much or be so busy preparing, that we are not fully enjoying all the moments leading up to it. When taking care of a loved one, we may be completely engrossed in the next thing we need to do rather than being fully there.   

How can we be more in the present moment and enjoy it more fully? By building a new habit and practicing it: We can remind ourselves throughout the day to just stop and breathe and really appreciate the moment, no matter what we are doing. Tell yourself: “I am going to take this moment to really enjoy being here.”

But what if you are going through something you really don’t enjoy (moving, doing your taxes, looking for a job, cleaning your place, etc.)? Simply make a decision that you are going to enjoy the process as much as you can. Even though I generally don’t like moving, I made a decision that I was going to enjoy the process, and as a result I felt much more content throughout my recent move. I focused on the good parts – spending time with my boyfriend while packing and carrying boxes and furniture – and I tried to use humor as much as possible.

How about if you are going through a hard time or are feeling really sad or angry? Just allow yourself to be in the moment and let yourself feel the sadness, anger or whatever emotion you are going through. All those feelings that are not happy are part of us and our lives, too. So we want to accept and honor them as well.

Take a moment now. Be really present. Breathe. Take in just being here, right now, being alive. In this moment, there is nothing you have to do, nobody you have to be. Just be…  


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