Confidence Comes from Appreciating the Beauty of Your Texture

Self Confidence quotes“Confidence doesn’t come from thinking you’re perfect or flawless. That’s arrogance. Confidence comes from appreciating the beauty of your texture.”

~Jeanette Walls

I love the idea of seeing what we might normally call our “flaws”, “weaknesses” or “faults” as part of our texture that makes us who we are and is part of our beauty.

I am always amazed how often women reject or diminish some of what I would call strengths as “boring”, “not special” or even a “deficiency.” Whether it’s making careful choices, being a loyal member of a group, enjoying laughter and teasing others, being aware of other people’s feelings, not jumping to conclusions, being kind to others, being disciplined, loving to learn or something else.

What is part of your texture? What beauty can you uncover in it? How can you bring it more to life?


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