Finding Your Inner Peace

Buddha_statueHave you ever had to make a decision and found it hard to figure out what to do, swinging back and forth between your options? Have you ever felt like your mind was spinning with negative thoughts, even though you were trying very hard to stop them? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with what was going on during your day and found it difficult to focus and gain clarity?

Sometimes we need to find this quiet place within us to just breathe, get in touch with our center and leave all the negative voices, worries, and fears behind. A place where we can just be ourselves. Where we can gain access to our inner wisdom and find balance and peace.

If you have a regular meditation practice, that’s great. That’s one way to get to this place. But what if you feel like you just don’t have the time or patience to meditate?

I have found a few activities that help me get in touch with my inner center: 

 1.  Practicing a One Minute Meditation:

This is perfect if you need some calmness, but don’t have a lot of time or have found meditation difficult. You can meditate for just one minute and find focus on peace.  Learn how in this great video.

 2. Taking a Walk or Being in Nature:

There is something about just being outside and breathing fresh air that has a calming effect on me. It gets me to stop whatever I am doing and out of my head.

3. Experiencing the 90 second Relaxation Exercise: This is great if you are doing work on the computer and need to take a quick break.  Just go here to relax…

I invite you to try them out and see if they help you find your quiet place. Or maybe there are other activities that help you find the calmness you seek. What are they? How can you practice them more regularly so you can bring more peace into your life?


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