Happiness Lies In Accepting Everyone In Our Lives Exactly As They Are

Happiness_Lies_In_Accepting_Everyone“Happiness lies in accepting everyone
in our lives EXACTLY as they are.
We cause ourselves untold misery whenever we believe others to be imperfect and try to change them.
This is the number one rule for a happy relationship.”
~Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Have you ever wanted to change someone else? Or wished that they could be different in some way? Sometimes it seems like we could be so much happier, if only the other person could change.

And yet, we are all “flawed.” We get stuck in certain patterns, we might be difficult or get carried away by our emotions. And we are still wonderful and beautiful at the same time. We have love, joy, compassion, kindness, and generosity within us as well.

Can you embrace yourself fully? The good as well as the bad, your strengths as well as your weaknesses?

Can you accept those around you with all their gifts as well as imperfections?

You are human and imperfect, and so is everyone else. And that’s just perfectly fine. ♥


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