How To Bring More Meaning Into Your Life

IMG_20170402_194937_519 - CopySometimes life can feel like a rut. We might be unhappy or dissatisfied, but are not quite sure what to do about it. Or we know that we need to make a change, but feel afraid or anxious about taking any risks.

I know that’s the way I felt over 10 years ago. It ultimately led me to leave my corporate career to figure out how I could feel more fulfilled and happier. What I know now is that I was missing the feeling of doing something meaningful with my life.

Because having a sense of meaning is so important, it’s a critical topic of discussion with my clients who are looking to find a new, more fulfilling career. It’s a soul searching journey to help them uncover their purpose that will guide them on a path to a career that is more meaningful and aligned with their mission. However, there is a way to start bringing more meaning to your life right now, even if you are not quite ready to switch careers.

I recently listened to this great video by author and speaker Mel Robbins  where she explains that there are two important sources to focus on if you want to find meaning in your life:

  1. Deepening your relationship with people that really matter to you.

Who are the people that really matter to you in your life? How can you spend more time with them and deepen your relationship with them, whether it’s by having lunch, working on a project together, being active together or helping each other out?

  1. Working on projects that really matter to you.

What are some projects you could do that really matter to you? This could be pursuing a hobby, working on a cause you care about, planning a party, or writing a book.


Mel mentions one more interesting factor that triggers meaning: having a sense of awe. When I think of experiences that trigger a sense of awe, I think about being in beautiful nature or watching a great play, musical, or performance. What gives you a sense of awe? What can you do to bring a sense of awe into your life?

Aside from the coaching work that I do that deeply matters to me, I have found that combining people and projects that matter are extremely fulfilling to me. For example: Working with my dance group toward a performance, planning a party that brings together people I care about, or traveling with friends to beautiful locations. What people and projects matter to you?


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