In Unity Lies The World’s True Strength

So often we feel like we are the only one suffering or the only one who is in pain. We may feel like we are different, strange, or even crazy for thinking or feeling a certain way.

But I have worked with enough people to realize that everyone suffers and everyone goes through pain.

So why do we feel so alone in the experience? Why do we feel so isolated?

Because we are afraid – of not being accepted, or being judged, or being criticized. Isn’t it time to stop judging and criticizing, and starting to accept – beginning with ourselves?

This quote resonated with me today:

“In separateness lies the world’s
great suffering.
In unity lies the world’s
true strength.”

I want to feel and act more like I am part of the whole, that I am in union with others in this world. Will you join me? 

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