Increase Your Happiness Through Compassion

Happiness_Compassion_1A few weeks ago, I attended the Compassion & Business Conference at Stanford University. I was curious about how people were thinking compassion fits into business and how to bring it into corporations.  In the process, I learned some very interesting insights about compassion. One of the more surprising facts is that while receiving compassion is nice, practicing compassion for others can really increase your happiness.

Wharton professor Adam Grant described one research study in which Borders Inc. created an internal “United Way” program, where executives donated money and employee donations were matched. Any employee who had a financial need could apply for a grant. Now you would think that the people who received the grants would be extremely grateful and now be more loyal and committed to the company going forward.

But instead, they found that the employees who donated were the ones who became more loyal and committed. The explanation was that employees felt grateful to have an outlet for their compassion, and as they gave more, they got a sense of pride and saw Borders as a company with heart.

He shared another example of a call center which had 97% turnover because they had to deal with very difficult customer calls. A new program was implemented where every employee could make a wish and they created teams to make their wishes come true. The turnover rate dropped to 33% within 6 months.

Being part of a team that helps people realize their dreams has a tremendous effect. The important thing is that we have a choice about giving, feel connected to the people we help, and understand the impact we make.

The same is true outside of organizations. Psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn shared studies that have been conducted in which people were given between $5 and $20. One group was told to spend it on themselves, while another group was told to spend it on others. They found that people were happier when they spent it on others. The results were the same around the world, even in poorer areas.

In a more recent study, they repeated the experiment with a Starbucks gift card, and told a third group of people to use the money to buy something for someone else AND also hang out with them at Starbucks. It turns out that the third group was the happiest of them all, since it included 2 other happiness boosters.

First, we actually get more happiness from buying experiences rather than material things, as dozens of studies show. Second, social contact and connection increases our happiness, too.

So compassion and happiness is only a step away. And it can be as simple as treating someone to coffee! 🙂

For more information about Adam Grant, see

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  1. Kai-Ru says:

    thanks for another great post! this article reminds me of Eric aka “Big Sexy” he definitely lives his life filled with generosity!!


  2. Kai-Ru says:

    i remember – when i was going thru a super generous phase. I did something nice for my parents Valentine’s Day. Instead of the usual sulking that i didn’t have anyone on VDay. I somehow decided to plan a valentine’s day evening for my parents in addition to hanging out with girlfriends that night. I know that might sound strange.. but during my preparations .. like making heart shaped brownies and renting my parents a romantic comedy.. i was filled with soo much happiness.. more so than hanging out with girlfriends that night.. although i did have lots of fun with them tooo! – Casy

  3. Manuela says:

    Thank you for sharing these great examples, Casy!

    What a wonderful gift you were giving not only to your parents and your girlfriends, but to yourself!

    Remember the feeling that doing something compassionate gave you and think of the people you know who are living their life filled with generosity, and let it inspire you! You have the power to create happiness! ♥


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