None Of Us Can Go It Alone

Don't Go It Alone“Being human, we are imperfect.That’s why we need each other.
To catch each other when we falter.
To encourage each other when we lose heart.
Some may lead; others may follow; but none of us can go it alone.”
~Hillary Clinton

Many of us have been taught to be self-sufficient, to be able to take care of ourselves and to be independent. After all, isn’t that what it takes to be a professional woman? And I think that’s great – it is very important to take self-responsibility and it empowers us.

At the same time, I know many people (myself included) who don’t like asking for help. Maybe we are worried we will be seen as less capable or weak if we do, or we feel like it will be a burden to the other person, or we don’t want to “owe” someone else.

What if we saw it as a big circle instead, where each of us gives as well as receives at different times? We may all be contributing different things (whether it be encouragement, listening, physical help, inspiration, food, laughter etc.) and we may be giving one thing to one person and receiving something else from another person.

It’s ok to be imperfect. It’s ok to need each other. It’s ok to get support.

We are not meant to go it alone.

Manuela loves helping others to embrace themselves and others and bring more happiness into their lives!  You can visit Manuela’s Website for Success Life Coaching and Empowerment Workshops.

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