Resentment Is A Sign That You Are Not Taking Care Of Yourself


We all know what it takes to take care of ourselves physically – eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, etc.  But it is just as important that we take care of ourselves mentally and emotionally.

When we don’t take care of ourselves physically, we usually know that signs – feeling tired, run down, or even getting sick.

But the symptoms of not taking care of yourself mentally may not be as obvious, so we may miss them. They are:

  1. Feeling resentment
  2. Complaining
  3. Taking things personally
  4. Blaming (yourself or others)
  5. Feeling unloved, unappreciated or disrespected
  6. Feeling frustrated

Have you felt any of the feelings above recently? If so, then you may have thought that the problem was with another person. Maybe there was someone who said or did something to you, or failed to say or do something you expected.

What typically happens in that situation is that we then focus on the other person and what they said/did or failed to say/do and stay in a cycle of resentment, blaming and frustration.

But the solution actually lies with us, not the other person! Realizing this can really make a difference not just to how you feel about yourself, but how you feel about others as well.

Many years ago I was in a work situation where I was feeling extremely frustrated. I felt unappreciated and not valued. I felt resentment toward my manager and blamed him silently for not being more supportive. What I didn’t see at the time is that I was allowing the situation to occur. If I had taken the responsibility to value and appreciate myself , what could I have done? I could have spoken up, I could have set boundaries, I could have given myself credit – but by placing the responsibility on someone else, I felt powerless.

So next time you notice any of the symptoms above, ask yourself what you really want in this situation. Then explore what action you can take to give yourself what you really want. And go ahead and take that action.

Respect yourself, be compassionate yourself, and give yourself what you need. By taking care of yourself, you can give more to others.


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