Take Action When Things Look Scary

The following message from the Universe landed in my Inbox this week.  What a great reminder!
“When you move, I move. When you reach, I reach. And when you go the extra mile, I clear the way. But not a moment sooner.

Which is why before you move, reach, and go, things sometimes look so scary.”
~The Universe

It’s so true. If we want something to be different, WE have to take action. Hoping that things will change by themselves doesn’t help. Procrastinating or waiting for a more perfect time doesn’t solve the problem. Nobody will come to rescue us.
When we sit there and wait, we are giving away our power. By taking Radical Self-Responsibility, we empower ourselves. And by taking action, opportunities will appear, support becomes available, and more possibilities emerge.
So when things look scary, it’s not a sign to take refuge in your comfort zone. It’s the perfect time to take a bold step forward.
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