“It’s rare that you come across someone who truly understands you; from our first conversation, I felt like I had known Manuela for years.

I’ve known Manuela since August, 2014 when I hired her as my life coach. Working with Manuela was refreshing and invigorating; she helped me navigate my way when I decided to make some changes in my professional life. Her co-active coaching method helped guide me to see things in myself that I hadn’t seen before.

Manuela’s ability to guide, acknowledge and provide suggestions was beneficial and made a dramatic difference in how I viewed my professional career. After every coaching session, Manuela left me with a smile and feeling very accomplished. Any person looking to work with a life coach would be lucky to work with Manuela!”

~Karen L., Burlingame, CA

“With absolute certainty, I highly recommend Manuela if you’re searching for personal coaching and career management assistance. She helped me improve my interviewing skills, define and clarify my personal goals, and better tackle my work/life balance. She was quick to hone in on my strengths, weaknesses, and identify opportunities. Above all, she was very detail oriented, supportive, and warmly authentic.”

~Farnaz D., Menlo Park, CA

“1-1 coaching sessions with Manuela opened my eyes to whole new perspective. Loving myself, taking care of me, were new concepts for me but with practice and changing my habits I now realize how important it is to take care of “ME.” Everything falls in place once you have that. When I have initial negative feelings now I ask myself “What’s important\a priority for ME?” I have the power to change how I feel. Take the workshop or 1-1 coaching sessions with her – you will be glad you did.

I sure am.”
~Tina D., Campbell, CA

“I finally feel in love with myself.  The love and the encouragement which I have received has been a tremendous support to me to walk through the darkest path of my life.  Manuela has helped me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and has continued to walk with me each step of the way.”
~Frenda F., San Jose, CA

“Manuela offers gentle guidance on the path to self love. Her supportive and encouraging nature creates a safe place to explore who it means to be you. The exercises she presented and questions she asked helped me dig deep to uncover what I really want out of life. I’m glad I have Manuela in my corner while I continue to grow and fall in love with myself.”
~Justine M., Alameda, CA

“I loved the “Falling in Love with Yourself” workshop so much, that I took it a second time!  As it is an interactive workshop, I thought it would be worth it to take again with a different set of participants and at a slightly different stage in my life (about a year after the 1st time I took it).  Manuela is so good at facilitating personal growth through her guided exercises, that I wouldn’t hesitate at all from recommending her workshop to anyone that would like to explore personal growth in a safe and fun environment.  The thought-provoking “homework” each week was one of my favorite parts of the sessions.  It allowed me to examine myself and my view of the world in interesting and helpful ways. 
I say – don’t hesitate a moment – go for it and take Manuela’s workshop!  You’ll be glad you did…”
~Lanah H., Redwood City, CA

“Manuela’s workshop “Falling in Love with Yourself, Falling in Love with Your Life” is amazing.  With a lot of attention to detail and a high level of empathy, Manuela helps the class participants discover what makes every single one of them unique, what their values are and how to live a life that incorporates all of that.  She has a real talent to deal with people and creates a group dynamic that makes every one feel welcome and comfortable enough to deal with a variety of personal topics. Thanks so much for that great workshop, Manuela!”
~Sylvia K., Palo Alto, CA

“Falling in Love with Yourself” is a personal, cozy, and deeply heart-felt program.  Manuela leads the group with the most sincere and influential style.  I feel very comfortable in the program environment to allow myself to share my innermost feelings and thoughts to the rest of the group.  Manuela is also very articulate and encouraging to the group.  I would highly recommend Manuela’s program to any soul out there who wants personal growth and guidance!”
~Maureen C., Cupertino, CA

“Manuela has incorporated fun with simple tools to use outside of the workshop which has helped me evolve and look at my life with a fresh perspective.  I have the choice and power to change how I feel about something I don’t like.  I now go beyond the initial negative emotion and ask myself what’s the deeper learning that’s lighting me up? Then I find even more insights. For example, my first judgment has proved wrong over time and I can be more open-minded. Knowing that I have the ability to change also frees me of my own misconceptions.”
~Peggy Y., San Francisco, CA

“I am currently participating in Manuela Pauer’s workshop “Falling in love with yourself”. A touchy topic – I was wondering if it would be challenging to open up and share intimate insights about my self-perception and self-value with a group of people that I don’t know. But Manuela is so skillful in creating a welcoming, caring, and open atmosphere among participants that I do not feel judged and I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with this group.

“I enjoy the variety of exercises and tools that Manuela uses to help us reflect and learn how to appreciate ourselves. She is structured in her approach and yet it feels like we are on an exciting journey with her as she navigates us through our exploration. Manuela always leaves us with homework that can easily be integrated into our day-to-day lives. I appreciate that she explains how we can utilize the tools and exercises into our daily lives, beyond the workshop so that we can continue our self-exploration.”

“I am looking forward to future workshops conducted by Manuela.”
~Frauke S., San Mateo, CA

“Manuela has a vivacious, welcoming energy that is reassuring, encouraging and stimulating.  She has an excellent ability to sequence ~ creating a flow that prepares participants and eases them through activities.  Her cheerful, good-humored style encourages participation in a positive way.  Her ability to synthesize, make distinctions and time her commentaries is perceptive, positive and illuminating.  I leave Manuela’s programs feeling enriched, reflective, enthusiastic and will often continue activities on my own later in the day.”
 ~Beverley B., Los Altos Hills, CA

“Your class was such a big help – the warm-ups, exercises, discussions, homework assignments, art projects, and community-building opened me up to the beauty of life as it is, freeing me day-by-day from the prison created by “what I thought it should be” thinking…I still smile when I think of the imaginary gifts we gave one another for one of the warm-ups – moments to savor no doubt!”
~Dianna Z., Palo Alto, CA

“Manuela’s collaborative workshops will give you a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and will help you organize your thoughts.You’ll be pushed to think critically about your values and about who you are. Working with Manuela and the other workshop participants was a pleasure!”
~Shirin P., Pittsburg, CA

“The fact that I have taken this workshop twice should be testament enough for anyone considering whether this is worthwhile. Do it! 🙂 This session reminded me to acknowledge myself, pay attention and accept positive feedback from others, be present in the moment, and continue to focus on my life purpose. Manuela creates a group dynamic that feels safe and supportive. One feels accepted and heard. Manuela is gentle, playful and genuine in her approach to guiding individuals on the path to practice falling in love with themselves and their life.”
~Julie H., Belmont, CA

“As a previous participant to Manuela’s workshops, I found the experience truly insightful and fun.  Manuela creates a nurturing and dynamic environment for everyone to explore important issues in their life, which can range from discovering your purpose, passions, intentions in life to having a healthy happy nurturing relationship with yourself and others. She does an amazing job in creating/planning out the activities  – they are truly creative, effective and empowering.” ~Casy H., Cupertino, CA

“‘Fall in Love with Yourself’ with Manuela gave me the opportunity to really focus on myself. The valuable skills that she taught, helped me to have a new outlook on my life. The positive thinking and constructive patterns helped me to function more efficiently in my daily tasks. The combination of Manuela’s continued motivation and mutual support from group members made it an experience I hope to continue.  Thank You Manuela!”
~Valerie S., San Jose, CA

“It was my 1st time ever taking a workshop & am so happy I did! 🙂 I really learned a lot from Manuela’s workshop and enjoyed it immensely. The exercises were very thought-provoking & eye-opening. Manuela is an amazing facilitator..she is warm, gentle, fun & very loving. She truly cared about us and our healing and it really showed! She is definitely DOING her life’s purpose! The simple sharing of your feelings with others was very powerful & healing. She also did an excellent job creating a very safe place for us to share, explore & change our “old, false, limiting” beliefs..it was an amazing journey back to me…the “authentic” me!”
~Felice M., Sunnyvale, CA

“I received deep insights on what was blocking me from both receiving and giving love. Manuela uses a process and asks questions that gently guide you to your inner truth. It’s safe to share your insights because of her compassionate nature and the fact that she so “gets” you. I highly recommend this workshop to anybody seeking to create the love they truly want!” ~Beth M., San Jose, CA

“With Manuela’s guidance and her kind soul, I embarked on a journey to the light of genuine happiness.  Thoughout the 5 weeks “Fall in Love with Your Soulmate” workshop, I had a chance to  share my personal growth experience and learned from the others at the same time. The most valuable knowledge I have learned from the workshop is – I am my own soulmate and ready to meet the other soulmate to share life with.”
~Frenda F., San Jose, CA


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