What If You Truly Lived In Accord With Your Heart’s Desire?

Paper airplane5 years ago, I was at a workshop, when our workshop leader, Raphael Cushnir, asked us to write what came to our mind when answering the question: What if I truly lived in accord with my heart’s desire?

I just recently reread what I had written 5 years ago. Here are some of the things I put down:

I said that I would continue on the path that I am on, following what I have always wanted to do, without fear or doubt. I would not worry about failing, because I am doing what I want to do, what I am meant to do. I would try to help people be their authentic selves and facilitate their personal growth. I would not be afraid to try things that might not go anywhere, but would provide me with some learning. I would get a cat, since I have always wanted one. I would not be afraid to make powerful requests of people and ask for what I want and need in order to be successful in my quest. I would find a way to be peaceful every day. I would be in a loving relationship. I would no longer seek approval from the outside or look to others to determine the direction that I am going in. I would see myself as the leader in my own life.

As I am looking at my life now, I realize that I have indeed followed my heart’s desire over the last 5 years. I am pursuing what I feel is my purpose in life, I am helping others be authentic and further their personal growth. I am a doggie Mommy (not a kitty, but close! 😉 ), I am in a loving relationship, and I have a daily morning practice that brings me peace. The only difference is that I have pursued all of these things with fear and doubt present every step along the way.

My heart’s desire was that I would take this path without any fear or doubt. Without any worries of failing. Without being afraid to ask for what I want. Without seeking approval from others.

However, the truth is, every time we make changes in our lives, every time we step out of our comfort zone, every time we take a risk or try something new, our fears, doubts, and worries get triggered. They show up in various forms: Our Inner Critic comes out to judge and question what we are doing. We procrastinate in order to avoid failing or making a mistake. We escape into an activity that feels safe, whether that’s watching too much TV, overeating, or surfing the Web for hours on end. Or we throw ourselves into our work or keep ourselves so busy that we can’t breathe.

Can we live our hearts desire? Absolutely. Will fear, doubt, and worry come up along the way? You betcha. Will that keep us from what we really want? That is our choice to make.

If we truly want to live our hearts desire, we need to manage this fear and don’t let it run our life. And that takes practice. We can summon our Inner Champion to motivate and encourage us. We can acknowledge ourselves for every step we take. We can remind ourselves of all the positive feedback we get from others. And we can seek out friends, colleagues, mentors, coaches and groups to help and support us on this journey.

What if you truly lived in accord with your heart’s desire?

What would your life look like? Take a moment to write down what comes to your mind. And as you embark on your journey of living the life you want, know that fears and doubts may come along for the ride, but if you surround yourself with the right support, they do not have to hold you back.


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