What makes your heart sing?

Golden_Girls1We often go through life focusing so much on tasks we have to get done, things we “should” do, and actions we need to take by a certain deadline. We set goals, try to prove ourselves or aspire to make others happy, and in the process it sometimes seems like we just can’t catch up – our to-do-lists grow ever longer. I often hear people say that their biggest want in life is to just be happy. Is this constant striving and trying to “keep up” making us happier?

When was a time when you felt completely happy, joyful, at peace, excited, fulfilled, content, and full of love? The last time I did was this past weekend at our dance show put on by Ariel Dance Productions.

While there is a lot of preparation that goes into the show (we spend months practicing in class, getting costumes ready, and going to extra rehearsals), the experience is very fulfilling and brings us so much joy.

I have been thinking about what makes the experience such a happy one, and it’s a combination of participating in activities that we enjoy (dancing, acting, singing) and that let us feel “flow”, giving us a chance to express ourselves, entertaining the audience and sharing our joy with them, feeling connected with the other dancers and everyone involved in the show, being part of something bigger that is meaningful to us and all pulling together to make it happen, feeding off of everyone’s energy, and feeling the satisfaction of a “job well done” in the end.

I realize that having this in my life is meaningful and helps me feel fulfilled and happy. And that is my wish for all of you. It may not be dancing and performing, but I know there is something that makes you feel joy, peace, excitement, and happiness. What makes your heart sing?

Is it skiing, making crafts, martial arts, cooking, fishing, team sports, photography, traveling, painting, decorating, swimming, discussing, driving, biking, volunteering, rock climbing, tennis, playing an instrument or something else? Sometimes we don’t know until we try it.

How can you bring more of that into your life to inspire you and feel more joyful, so you can share more of your happiness with others?


Manuela is practicing happiness every day and loves helping others bring more happiness into their lives!  You can visit Manuela’s Website for Professional Life Coaching and Personal Growth Workshops.



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